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Trelleborg Harbour & Marine Engineering Pty Ltd

Trelleborg Marine Systems Melbourne Pty Ltd designs and manufactures products for jetties/docks and offshore applications.They are the leading supplier of integrated vessel docking, mooring and monitoring systems to ports and harbours throughout the world and have particular experience in engineering systems for LNG marine terminals with a supply history covering two thirds of LNG projects outside of Japan over the last 8 years.

Established in Melbourne, Australia in 1971, Harbour Marine is unique in being able to offer both mooring hardware and monitoring software designed in-house. This ensures systems are correctly configured and matched to Client requirements. Our multi-disciplined team of engineers brings a considerable wealth of experience to each mooring project providing customised designs based on both field-proven and cutting edge technologies.

Harbour Marine has recently joined the Trelleborg AB group, complementing brands such as FentekSeawardand Trellex and bringing quick release hooks and instrumentation technology to their exisiting marine product range.

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