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Turbine Expanders ( Ebara )

Ebara Turbine Expanders

The Cryodynamics Division of Ebara International Corporation is proud to introduce our line of single phase and two phase submerged generator turbine expanders. Cryodynamics has developed the world's first site-proven variable speed, liquefied gas turbine expander and most recently, the first variable speed two phase Exducer expander.

At EBARA Cryodynamics, we look beyond traditional concepts to find new, innovative ideas that will meet our customer's needs. The development of the variable speed submerged generator cryogenic turbine expander and now the Exducer turbine are both prime examples of our commitment to providing the safest, most reliable products with proven performance for the liquefied gas industry.

The Cryodynamics cryogenic turbine expander is a radial inflow reaction turbine with an induction generator mounted on an integral shaft. The entire unit, including the turbine and generator is totally submerged in the cryogenic fluid. This design approach completely eliminates the need for dynamic seals, shaft couplings, generator support structure and any concern for possible misalignment between the turbine and generator. By eliminating possible leakage from rotating seals, the design is extremely safe, especially when hazardous fluids are being handled.

By using the technology and extensive experience from the proven Cryodynamics pump design, an extremely reliable and efficient turbine has now been developed. The submerged expander includes the same Thrust Equalizing Mechanism (TEM) as used in the pumps in order to balance the axial thrust loads over the operating range. By completely balancing the thrust loads, bearing life is increased dramatically. 

Single Phase (Liquid) LX Type

Single Phase Expanders are used where the expanded liquid will remain a liquid up to or near the discharge of the final runner. In some cases, small amounts of vapor may form at the discharge, which has no detrimental effect on the expander. The turbine runners can be designed for a wide range of flow rates, and can be supplied with one or more nozzle and runner stages to provide a wide range of pressure reduction capabilities.

Two Phase (Liquid and Gas) VX Type

Cryodynamics has recently developed a two phase, "Exducer" expander turbine, which is designed to operate in expansion conditions where the liquid will begin partially vaporizing within the turbine. This new design incorporates the same basic technology as our single phase, liquid expander, with the generator submerged, and incorporating our TEM, but at the discharge end, a jet Exducer is attached to the shaft.

This Exducer is designed to allow a vapor content of up to 100 percent at the discharge end, thereby allowing the installation of the machine into systems with liquid expansion into the vapor phase. The two phase Exducer expander can be supplied with a variable speed or fixed speed generator and operated in the same fashion as the liquid or single phase expander. The design and materials of the two phase expander are also basically the same as the single phase expander, except the generator is located at the bottom of the machine, with the hydraulics section (runners and Exducer) located at the top. This unique design allows the vapor to naturally rise as expansion takes place within the machine.


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