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ETA Process Plant

Eta's experience in deaeration technology goes back over 35 years to the rapid growth in offshore oil exploration and production in the UK's North Sea.  Today, the majority of seawater deaeration plants supplied by Eta use vacuum stripping. However, with the current issues with carbon capture, waste CO2 is also being used prior to sequestration in the sea bed rock.

Eta is skilled in its ability to optimise the design with in-house computer programs and using one, two, or even three mass transfer stages. Height, weight, and power are key to the optimisation process with each one applying to a different extent depending on the location, such as onshore, offshore, fixed platform, or FPSO.

Eta's ability to translate the designs and project-manage them into a fully skid-mounted package plant provides easy integration into the platform topside module. 

Eta's scope of supply for these packages has increased from the deaeration plant to include coarse and fine filters, chemical injection and booster pumps.


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