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Bibby Transmissions Ltd

The Bibby Transmissions Group has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of couplings for use in industrial markets for many years. Looking for reliable industrial Couplings either Torsionally soft or Torsionally rigid.

Coupling Types   

Torque Control   


Pin & Bush
Flange Type

Torque limiters
Torque modules
Torque sensing
High speed
Low Speed

As part of the Wellman Engineering Group from its early days, Bibby Couplings were used in all major projects around the world in the steel mills, mining, power stations and chemical processing plants as well as water treatment. These industries have become synonymous with the Bibby name for performance and reliability.

Bibby Transmissions have delivered their products to all the international oil field operators, pump manufacturers, compressor manufacturers, motor manufacturers world wide. Advanced technical solutions, competitive prices and short delivery time is what they offer.

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