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Fenders and Davit

Trelleborg Marine Systems is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced fender systems.

Our high-performance solutions combine provide low reaction force and hull pressure with good angular performance anc rugged construction. High performance fenders are used wherever demands are greatest - LNG and oil terminals, container quays, RoRo berths and bulk cargo facilities.

Trelleborg Marine Systems will help you define the ideal fender for the structure, the best materials for the environment and the best design for long service life and low maintenance.

All high-performance fenders are PIANC type approved.· This means we have demonstrated the performance of full size fenders to independent inspectors (Germanisher Lloyd) and determined the effects of different compression speeds, temperatures, angles and fatigue.· PIANC recommends that manufacturers should have "type approval" certificates in accordance with PIANC guidelines - something Trelleborg Marine Systems is proud to provide its customer.


SeaCushion fenders are designed for hard work. The superior grade of foam core, an extra tough skin plus chain-tyre net make SeaCushions the most rugged floating fender on the market. Perfect for LNG installations due to its resistance against LNG.

This means the SeaCushion is perfect for the most demanding applications: open water ship-to-ship operations, offshore structures or anywhere needing absolute fender reliability. Whatever else happens, SeaCushion will not deflate, burst or sink.

Efficiency is excellent too. For the same energy, SeaCushion fenders have lower reactions than pneumatic types. Hull pressures are very low too at just 172kN/m2 for STD-grades (even less for LR-grades) – well within PIANC guidelines for LNG vessels.

With LNG spil a “normal” fender will collapse, but NOT the SeaCushion.


Ultra-tough, unsinkable design

Wide range of standard and custom sizes

Low reaction and high energy options

Low hull pressures

Maintains safe stand-off distances

Low maintenance

Well proven design


LNG and oil terminals

Ship-to-ship operations

Offshore boat landings


Military application


Fender Davit system

Trelleborg Harbour Marine’s Fendeploy™ fender deployment system (FDS) is a complete system to deploy, retrieve and store fenders for use in ship-to-ship (STS) mooring applications. The system has been designed to suit either the Trelleborg pneumatic fenders (Yokohama equivalent) or Trelleborg Sea Cushion® foam-filled fenders.

Fendeploy™ has high levels of structural and electro-mechanical reliablity for the new generation of FPSO and FSRU vessels. A typical system may include:

  • Four to six primary fender davits installed along one side to cover the parallel hull section.
  • Two or more secondary “baby” fender davits at each end near the stern and flared bow.
  • A local davit control console.
  • An electro-hydraulic power unit to provide system pressure and flow to operate davits individually or simultaneously. Alternatively, the system may be powered by the vessel’s own hydraulics.


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