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Ebara Crygenics Inc

The Cryodynamics Division of EBARA International Corporation was founded in California (USA) in 1973, to execute the founder's concepts of submerged electric motor cryogenic pump design. 

The Cryodynamics group was at one time associated with Royal Industries, and later became a division of Worthington Pump Corporation in the USA. In 1984, Cryodynamics entered into a partnership with EBARA Corporation of Japan, one of the world's largest pump companies with over 5,000 employees. In 1989, this association culminated with our becoming the Cryodynamics Division of EBARA International Corporation.

Through our affiliation with EBARA, we combined the established capabilities of Cryodynamics liquefied gas pump engineering know-how with Ebara's centrifugal pump know-how dating back to 1912. This combination provides a depth of capability and experience unmatched by any manufacturer of pumps for cryogenic liquids. Consequently, Cryodynamics is recognized as the unquestionable leader in this field.

In 1994, the Ebara Cryodynamics group had outgrown their manufacturing plant in Sacramento, California, and moved their entire facility and operations to Sparks, Nevada (adjacent to Reno in Northern Nevada near the California border). The new factory and main offices are housed in a modern 5000m2 indoor plant on a 24,000 msite. At that time, the Ebara Cryodynamics liquefied gas test facility was rebuilt, and is now one of the largest and most sophisticated liquefied gas pump and turbine test facilities in the world.

Since moving to Nevada in 1994, the test facility has been expanded to increase capacity, with the addition of two test run tanks for a total of five. In 2007, a new motor manufacturing facility is being added to further enhance production and manufacturing capabilities.

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